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Lazy8 Ledger is a completely free program runs on most operating systems

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Developer: Lazy Eight Data HB
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Lazy8 Ledger is a completely free program runs on most operating systems. It is "open source" and will give you all you need to do accounting for any business or personal use. You can enter any type of bookkeeping activity and break out the activities to any number of accounts.

There are numerous standard reports that are the basis of accounting needs and then there are tools to make your own reports.

Furthermore, this program is 100% unicode compatible in all respects so you could change any texts that appear anywhere in this program to any language on this planet.

Currently this program is available only in English, Swedish and partially Estonian and Slovenian. Other languages should soon become available as more and more kind users will be using this program and sending me their translations.

Here are some key features of "Lazy8 Ledger":
General Ledger - Lazy8 Ledger is mainly categorized as a general ledger program.
Multicompany - you can do bookkeeping for as many different companies as you want.
Chart of accounts - you may enter your own chart of accounts and break out each account into different catagories for project or customer.
100% Unicode compatible - All fields can be set to any language.
Operating system independent - Written in Java which means that any operating system that can run Suns Java 1.4, can run this program. That means most operating systems.
Reports - Their is a print preview of all reports and all reports may be saved in PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, or text format.
Balance/result report - Summerized by assets, debts, incomes and expenditures.
Transaction report - List of all transactions.
Account summary report - Summary of each account.
Chart of accounts report - List of all defined accounts.
Customer/project report - List of all defined Customers/projects.
EU BAS 2003 Result report - Summerized by several categories according to swedish law.
EU BAS 2003 Balance report - Summerized by several categories according to swedish law.
EU BAS 2003 VAT report - Somewhat limited yet fully functional. It may be customized to your needs.
Tools to make your own report defintions - There is a user-friendly report generator and an SQL report generator.
Financial analysis
Bar charts, 3D bar charts, line graphs, pie charts.
Show trends in any single account per day, week, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-year, yearly.
Accounts may be grouped together in any combination in the trend graphs.
Predefined groups for trends - profit, assets, debts, incomes, expenses ...
Several periods may be compared. For example, last years profit may be compared to this years profit per month in a bar chart.
Import/Export - Compatibility with other accounting systems
All tables may be exported and imported in a 'Comma seperated variable' (CSV) format.
All types of 'Standard import export' (SIE) formats are supported for import and export. This is a common standard in Sweden for accounting systems.

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
The transaction number began at 2 sometimes instead of 1. Fixed
Really bad bug that did not update the accounttype table properly. Fixed
At startup, the welcome window always showed up, even when it wasn't supposed to. Fixed
Changed the version of jedit to 4.2 Final

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