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The legal case management (LCM) system is a software aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice centres in order to make better fol

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Mathieu Lutfy
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The legal case management (LCM) system is a software aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice centres in order to make better follow-ups of their cases, including client consultations and court events (see also: software overview).

Here are some key features of "Legal Case Management":
Trad-ES: New Spanish translation.
Debian: Package finally fixed. Available from SourceForge.
Core: Now possible to configure directory for logs, data and conf, using (example) "SetEnv LcmLogDir /var/log/legalcase/", "SetEnv LcmDataDir /var/lib/legalcase/data/", "SetEnv LcmConfigDir /var/lib/legalcase/config/". Make sure that the directories exist, and have correct permissions.
Reports: Fixed report "row = users (name), col = stage (count)". Useful when combined with "stage -> date conclusion in (...)" in order to count the number of cases closed for a given period.
Reports: (experimental) for reports involving lists of cases and a keyword, it is now possible to click on a report value in order to list the exact occurences of the value. For example, if there are 5 cases by Author Foo, with the case keyword "ABC", then it is possible to click on the "5" in order to list the cases.
Reports: Improved translation of fields, previously not translatable at all. (ML, CH)
Help: Added section of help above sub-section title, in order to provide better context of content — altough far from perfect.
Core: Fixed display of case stage context information in follow-up details screen.
Core: Fixed access permission for button "edit follow-up" in the "view follow-up" form.
Core: New installations using MySQL >= 4.1 will now use correct character set (utf8), which is important for case-insensitive searchs. Import after export will try to create new UTF8 tables also. This is currently the only way to fix character encoding problem at the moment — alter table too dangerous (because we were storing utf8 in iso1 labeled tables, so alter table makes a big mess.
Reports: Fixed a few non-translated strings.
Reports: Fixed possibility to report "concluded cases, for each users, for each case-stage". (Row = user (name), Column = case-stage (stage), Filter = date-conclusion in (...).
Reports: Added a debug variable "&debug=1" in the URL of the "run_rep.php" to help us debug reports that do not execute well.
Core: "New/Edit case" no longer allows to select hidden keywords for "case stage".
Help: Added section for "archives", re-structured a few sections, fixed typos.
Core: Fixed "edit case" bug for PHP5.
Core: Many many bugfixes related to installation (including one critical error in PHP5).
New on-line help sections (in English, translated from Bulgarian) available, as well as a few structural fixes.
Install: Another bugfix for the keyword panic problem, as well as a few PHP5 compatibilty problems fixed.

MySQL 3.23.x, database server;
Apache 1.3.x or 2.x, web server;
PHP 4.3.x, language interpreter;
libapache-mod-php or libapache2-mod-php 4.3.x, library which links Apache and PHP (it is possible that this is included in your PHP installation);
PHP4-mysql, MySQL library for PHP (it is possible that this module is part of your PHP installation)

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