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libmultival is a C++ class library for multiprecision interval arithmetic

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Johan Vervloet
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libmultival is a C++ class library for multiprecision interval arithmetic. libmultival library is based on Easyval, and uses MpIeee numbers (see the Arithmos project) as interval bounds.

MpIeee is not available for download, but you can compile libmultival against libmplite as well.

Here are some key features of "libmultival":
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
output to C++ streams
absolute value, power, logarithm, square root

You need MpIeee, or a substitute like libmplite 0.6.1 or later, to compile the last version of libmultival. The library is know to work under Red Hat Linux 9 and Debian GNU/Linux sarge. In fact it should work for any Unix-like operating system, provided a recent c++ compiler is available.


This library is installed the 'standard GNU way' :

Unpack the archive
cd to the libmultival-x.x directory, and run './configure' script.
Run 'make' to build the library, and 'make install' to install it. (If you are using FreeBSD, you might need 'gmake' instead of 'make'

If you don't want a 'standard installation', you can provide some parameters to configure. Enter './configure --help' for a list of available options.

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