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Lineox Enterprise Linux distribution is based on source RPM packages from which Red Hat Enterprise Linux is compiled

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2224550K
Developer: Lineox
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Lineox Enterprise Linux distribution is based on source RPM packages from which Red Hat Enterprise Linux is compiled. Lineox Enterprise Linux contains all programs included in various Red Hat Enterprise Linux variations (Advanced Server (AS), Entry/Mid Server (ES), and Workstation (WS)).

It also contains programs included in separately sold Red Hat Cluster Suite and Red Hat Developer Suite. Lineox has removed and replaced all files of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which have restrictive copyright by Red Hat, Inc. Lineox has also tried to remove all user-visible references to Red Hat in Lineox Enterprise Linux.

The most notable difference between Lineox Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the support options provided by Red Hat, Inc. Lineox, Inc. does not provide any support for Lineox Enterprise Linux with the base product.

Lineox, Inc. however plans to provide binary package updates for Lineox Enterprise Linux as long as Red Hat, Inc. provides updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux in source package format.

Lineox has an automated system running on a cluster which builds new binary rpm packages as soon as new source code is available. New rpm packages are usually available in less than 12 hours after source code release.

After that Lineox builds Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux disks automatically, but because of the time it takes to transfer the disk images to our web server, they are available from 2 to 12 hours after we release new packages.

Isn't Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux untested or unreliable if it is released so often? Not really. We don't rebuild the installation environment, we just replace the installable packages with new ones.

You can even use same boot floppies or other boot media created for Lineox Enterprise Linux 4.0 to boot Always Current series Lineox Enterprise Linux. So Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux is as tested and reliable as a system installed from "base release" and updated later. The only difference really is the work and time saved and the higher security right from the start.

What's New in This Release:
Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux 4.096 with Update 4 available. In the version 4.096 the installation environment is rebuilt, so it offers better hardware support during the installation. See the release notes for full information. The x86_64 release requires either AMD Opteron or Athlon64 CPU based computer. Some new Intel Xeon and Pentium IV processors with EM64T (Extended Memory 64 Technology) will also be able to run this version.

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