Loophole 2.0.3 review

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Loophole Client runs at work, on Windows or Linux

License: Shareware
File size: 38902K
Developer: Loophole Software LLC.
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Loophole Client runs at work, on Windows or Linux. Download it at work and install it, or download our ISO image at home, burn a CD, and run from CD at work.

Loophole Server runs at home, on Windows or Linux.

Here are some key features of "Loophole":
gets you directly out to the Internet, through your company's firewall or web filter
encrypts where-you're-going and what-you're-doing-there
is discreet (can run from CD-ROM and use Camouflage Mode to avoid leaving tracks on your work computer)
uses your cable or DSL modem (uses your home computer's bandwidth while you're at work).

What's New in This Release:
Camouflage Mode bug fixed
Previously, exiting Camouflage Mode from the file chooser or pass phrase input dialog would close the window, but leave the Loophole Client process hung. (20021108)

Validity Indicators are updated continuously
In response to many customer questions and requests, validity indicators (the little red/green boxes in the UI) are now updated on every keystroke. A widget's validity is always current; there's no need to tab out of a field or press Enter. (20021108)

IP address/host name fields are validated properly
These fields are now validated strictly. Previously, dotted quads with integers > 255 were considered valid. (20021108)

Camouflage Mode file chooser improved
In Camouflage Mode, the settings file chooser now has filters for common file types. (20021108)

Camouflage Mode save-settings dialog improved
When saving settings in Camouflage Mode, the user is now prompted with a two-field pass phrase definition dialog. It was dangerous to use a single-field input dialog, because a user changing its pass phrase was not required to type it again to confirm it. (20021108)

HTTP proxy compatibility improved

Some proxy servers don't use correct HTTP carriage control (CR/LF). Loophole now works with all flavors of carriage control. (20021108)
Some proxy servers return incorrect HTTP authentication headers. Loophole detects these proxy servers, and adapts to them. (20021108)

Text field and combo box context menu added
Text fields and combo boxes now support a context (right-click) menu for Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Select All, and Clear All actions. (20021108)

Monitor screen bugs fixed
Previously, both Loophole Client and Loophole Server monitor screens neglected to reflect changes to host and port settings. (20021108)

License validation logic enhanced
Removed one circumstance under which a license could be spuriously considered invalid. (20021108)

Updated Java Runtime Environment
Loophole's private Java Runtime Environment is now based on version 1.4.1_01. (20021108)

Work around Java/Linux time zone problem
On some versions of Linux, Java can't determine its time zone properly. Until Java is corrected, we work around this problem. (20021109)

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