Lphant 2.00 Beta2 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 348K
Developer: Juanjo
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Lphant is a peer to peer filesharing program.

Here are some key features of "Lphant":
Free P2P File Sharing Application
Compatible with emule/edonkey
New!!! Compatible with BitTorrent
Easy to use and configure
Fast and stable
Webcache support
Same file format than emule, you can change between lphant and emule and continue your downloads without problems

What's New in 2.00 Beta2 Release:
In the first Beta version of Lphant 2.0 we added the Bittorrent network integrating it with the eDonkey network with very good results, in this second Beta version many bugs have been fixed , the Web interface was updated to support Bittorrent integration (by Galvesband) and French language is updated (by Feuerfrei and Ericc)

What's New in 1.11 Release:
Juanjo: fixed, sometimes sources can stand in "pending" status too many time
Juanjo: connections to sources are handled better now
Juanjo: important memory usage optimizations
Juanjo: stability improved
Juanjo: auto recover bad preferences values
Juanjo: ignore "zambor" messages

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