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Lyriki-Lyrics used to be a lyrics plugin to interface with

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 39K
Developer: attendant
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Lyriki-Lyrics used to be a lyrics plugin to interface with It's been now completely rewritten and extended to form a collection of lyric scripts. What's interesting about these scripts is that they query the other scripts when they can't provide the lyrics for a song.

Support for other sites it's also pretty trivial to add (only a few methods have to be implemented) and i'll be porting all the existing plugins in not much time. Check out the code if you want to help.

Also included there's a special plugin, Lyriki Submit, which can add missing lyrics to (a Lyriki account is needed to use it). If you don't want to submit lyrics you can still use the simple 'Lyriki' script (it will still take care of querying the other scripts when needed).

Ruby 1.8
amaroK 1.4 (a recent svn version with scriptable lyrics support, check
Liriki Submit needs ruby-qt or ruby-gtk*

(*) there's a ruby-tk backend but is currently broken

What's New in This Release:
Fix: [Lyriki] the way the session was saved would eventually make submitting content impossible...

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