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Mailonator is server-side software that makes it easy to send large attachments to anyone using your regular email client. With ea

License: Shareware
File size: 7167K
Developer: Castify Networks SA
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Mailonator is server-side software that makes it easy to send large attachments to anyone using your regular email client.

With easy download and install in minutes, Mailonator ensures your attachments always arrive now and in the future.

Mailonator software installs easily and quickly behind the scenes, so your email service and client tools never need to change. Your mail arrives regardless of which email client or service your recipients use, even if they are subject to Inbox quotas, attachment removal or other restrictions.

Mailonator's Attachment Confirmation feature means you can quickly confirm that recipients requested your attachment. In addition, Mailonator's usage statistics provide your system administrator with important information about Mailonator's performance and the efficiency gains achieved by using Mailonator.

Here are some key features of "Mailonator":
Mailonator is a powerful, fully scalable and highly secure solution to solving the problem of sending large contents using regular email tools.

Replaces Bulky Attachments With Web Links

When you send email from a Mailonator-enabled email account, Mailonator automatically removes each attachment from your emails and replaces every attachment with a unique link. Your recipients can download the attachments with just a click.

Publishes Attachments Securely on a Web Server

Mailonator stores attachments securely on a web server, in such a way that it becomes impossible to guess the attachment URL. Attachments are deleted automatically after a pre-set amount of time that you can configure.

Transparent to Users� No Additional Client Side Software Required

Mailonator is server-side software, so you don't need to install any software on the sender or recipient sides.

Optional discreet Download Notifications

Optionally, you can choose to receive a discreet Download Notification that is sent when your email recipient clicks the link to download the attachment you sent.

Automatic Storage Management

With Mailonator, there's no hassle managing disk space. You can easily configure the software to remove attachments from the Web server after a specified time.

Usage Statistics

Mailonator's reporting tools make it easy to track statistics about attachment volumes, email peak flows and other useful information.

Multiple Configuration Options

Mailonator comes in several configurations that easily adapt to your in-house or out-sourced email configuration, including as a gateway to your SMTP server or as a plug-in option for your existing mail server.

Your trial license is restricted to 5 email sender addresses and expires in 14 days.

What's New in This Release:
This release creates a backup of the statistics file under the name statistics.xml.bak.
This also applies to group statistics files.

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