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Mambo is a dynamic Web content management tool that is capable of building sites from several pages to several thousand. Mambo com

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Mambo is a dynamic Web content management tool that is capable of building sites from several pages to several thousand.

Mambo comes complete with 10 built-in modules, a WYSIWYG editor, site statistics, an admin interface, multi language support, custom module support, and more.

The goal of the Mambo project is to meet most of the requirements highlighted in the above article. As each day in development goes by we are getting nearer and nearer, while at the same time building a solid core which can be extended by third party developers. In the hands of a custom developer, this makes Mambo a powerful platform for a wide variety of Internet applications that go far above and beyond the simple creation of content.

What Mambo isn't!

Mambo is not a typical "portal" solution.

While Mambo can be modified or extended to provide this style of site this is not the goal of the project. Mambo is aimed at the more squarely at corporate websites or sites for small to medium businesses, families or personal sites.

The Mambo Development Team focuses on building a solid application framework rather than on add-ons that are typically found in many portal solutions. This keeps the Mambo core extremely lightweight and efficient, thus making it easier for anybody to extend Mambo through custom third party component and modules that directly serve their needs.

Here are some key features of "Mambo":
Source code is completely free.
A large and healthy user and developer community.
Provides a basic level of content approval for registered users.
Online help.
Page caching mechanism to improve performance on busy sites.
Trash manager
Advertising management (banners, etc).
Media (images, documents) upload and management.
Content display scheduling.
Content syndication (RSS).
Search engine friendly (SEF) URL's.
Internationalisation (interface translation).
Content macro language (aka mambots).
Advanced and separate system administation system.
Advanced package/addon/template deployment system.
Simple but powerful template system (written mostly in HTML, no complex templating syntax to learn, just a couple of PHP functions to include).
Heirarchial user access groups.
Basic visitor statistics.
Multiple WYSIWYG content editor support.
Simple polls.
Content voting/rating system.null
LDAP authentication
Extended user profiles
Media galleries
Document managers
Events calendar
and many, many more...

PHP (version 4.1.2 or higher)

What's New in This Release:
More templates were added.
Performance and load handling were improved.
Optional checking for updates of Mambo was introduced.
An integrated installer for plugins was introduced.
Internationalization of content was eased.
A new full featured WYSIWYG content editor, MOStlyCE, was introduced.
Support for user comments was added.
A new RSS newsfeed reader and new admin management tools were implemented.
Site search was improved.
Help was improved.
Many bugs were fixed.

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