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Multi Network Firewall is the up-to-date Mandriva Linux security solution dedicated to the business world

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 256512K
Developer: Mandriva
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Multi Network Firewall is the up-to-date Mandriva Linux security solution dedicated to the business world. Maximum innovation, performance and scalability is only a click away thanks to an easy-to-use web interface.

Combining firewall, Intrusion Detection System and VPN functionality, MNF 2 is the ultimate full-featured security solution meeting all your demands. Furthermore, to make your network even more secure, benefit from a year of free updates through Mandriva Online Pro!

Here are some key features of "Mandriva Multi Network Firewall":
a firewall, to protect your computer network from unauthorized access (filtering).
Intrusion Detection System, to alert you to abnormal network activity.
Virtual Private Network, to enable a secure private tunnel over public networks.
Proxy server, to intercept all web traffic entering the network.
DHCP server, to enable the automatic configuration of new machines connected to the LAN.
Caching DNS, to provide a local DNS service for computers connected to the LAN.

New Featurs:

As well as the existing IPSec, MNF2 provides 2 other types of VPN:
PPTP: a desktop under Windows(R) can be automatically connected without installing any special software
OpenVPN: a lighter open source VPN; Compattible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows
Bonding: Channel combines several network interfaces into a single connection. Effectively, it means that data transfer speeds can be multiplied.
Bridging: this new function enables the administrator to build bridges between network interfaces.
Traffic shaping: You can regulate the flow of traffic on your network just by clicking on a wizard.
Network mapping: Makes it possible to connect networks which use the same private network addresses
Peer-to-Peer Filtering: MNF2 automatically blocks network traffic from "Fast Track" peer-to-peer clients.

Better software support

2.6 Linux Kernel

Better hardware support

Improved support for multiple network cards (up to 10)
Wi-Fi Support
Better ADSL support

Services included in the product

Mandriva Online Pro: benefit from updates for one year through Mandriva Online Pro
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