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MediaLibrary is a multi-platform free software that lets you catalog your media files ( CD-Rs, DVDs...) Its main purpose is to ref

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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MediaLibrary is a multi-platform free software that lets you catalog your media files ( CD-Rs, DVDs...)

Its main purpose is to reference your media files in a category tree with any comment. You can then easily find any file you are looking for.

MediaLibrary is Free Software available under the terms of the GNU/GPL running on Java.

Here are some key features of "Media Library":
Status Bar with Current Selection Management & Monitored Task Stacking
Catalog Load Tracing (options/trace menu)
Recent files list
Automatic backup & Warning if saving on an already existing different Catalog
Graphical file category change
Browsable help & documentation
Numerous switchable gui icon sets (through setting the property in the resources/medialib.prop file)
2 GUI loading & indexing refresh politics: continuous or on action end only (customizable in resources/medialib.prop by setting the medialib.gui.refresh property either to "OnModelEvent" or to "OnActionEndOnly"). The last one is 6 times faster.
XML format:
* Read & write catalogs in XML and gzip XML
Full ADC catalog 1.15b format compliance:
* Minus: media drive "free size" field
* Read & write (catalog, medias, dirs & files, categories, dates, comments, sizes...)
* Adc uses a nonstandard date storage format, so there may be up to 4 min delay between adc dates loaded from pure adc and stored by MediaLibrary
Indexed media & file tree sorted view:
* Shows full indexed filesystem & file properties (name, size...)
* Directory properties (full size, files number...) autocomputing
* Media can be renamed & removed (media tree popup or Edit menu)
* Media & directories can be sorted (media tree popup or Edit menu)
* Customizable sort strategies (in resources/medialib.prop)
* Select Subtree action (media tree popup or Edit menu)
Media indexation:
* Any drive or directory may be indexed in the current catalog
* MediaLibrary on Windows guesses drives' label, type & serial number
* Indexed MP3 files' ID3s are parsed as file comments
Hierarchical categorization model:
* Compliant with pure ADC file format
* The '/' slash character is used as categories level separator
* Features a tree categories view showing categorized files
* Navigation from categorized files to media view by double click
"new", "add","move" and "remove" categories tree popup & Edit menu actions
* All selected files may be recategorized at the same time
File & media search feature:
* Toolbar search textfield & launch button
* Google like behaviour for the search entries : spaces are understood as AND operators
* Category cross searching
* Satistics tab providing information on found files
* Toolbar statistics launch button to compute statistics on the current catalog
* An increasing panel of statistics for now : basic statistics on files, statistics on multimedia files
* An "easy to extend" stats computing architecture. Develop your own statistics algorithm
Preferences Edition:
* Edits the reources/medialib.prop, saves on exit
* Single and multi properties handled
* HTML output
* Reports missing serial episodes in the subcategories of the Preferences chosen top serial Category

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