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MHonArc project is a Perl mail-to-HTML converter

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1884K
Developer: ehood
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MHonArc project is a Perl mail-to-HTML converter. MHonArc provides HTML mail archiving with index, mail thread linking, etc; plus other capabilities including support for MIME and powerful user customization features.

Here are some key features of "MHonArc":
You want to keep organized archives of mail or news articles for a World Wide Web (WWW) server; complete with live hypertext pointers to their authors and to any url's mentioned.
You would like to control the layout of your archives to keep a consistent style to your WWW pages.
You have MIME messages that you want to include in your archives.
You have a WWW client, but no MIME mail reader. MHonArc will allow you to read MIME messages that includes images, audio, video, etc via your Web client.
Multi-platform support: Unix, Windows, MacOS, etc. Basically, MHonArc should be usable on any platform that Perl has been ported to.
MHonArc is free software.
You think the MHonArc logo is really cool, and it deserves to be used.
You like Perl, and you want to see what it can do.
Just cuz.

Digest::MD5: Used for creating IDs for messages without message-ids. Normally, messages define a unique message-id, however, there are some use cases where message-ids are not present. Therefore, this module helps MHonArc detect already archived messages for messages without message-ids. If Digest::MD5 is not available, MHonArc will be unable to detect for duplicate messages that do not contain message-ids.
File::Temp: MHonArc uses temporary files when writing files to disk (for security and data integrity reasons). If File::Temp is not available, MHonArc will use its own internal implementation, which is not as secure as File::Temp, but it should be adequate for most uses.
MIME::Base64: Used for base64 decoding (base64 is the standard way to encoding binary data in mail). MIME::Base64 is normally provided with the standard perl distribution. If MIME::Base64 is not available, MHonArc will fallback to its own internal, less efficient, base64 decoder.
POSIX: Used for setting locale as defined by the LANG resource and for formatting time strings if POSIXSTRFTIME resource is enabled.

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