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Mica is a system for building network-accessible multiuser portable applications

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ryan Daum
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Mica is a system for building network-accessible multiuser portable applications. It is a programming language and object environment designed to be accessible by more than one programmer at a time.

It includes an implementation of a mostly pure object oriented language. Automatic persistence, reflection, strong encapsulation, multiple dispatch, and run-time security are some of its features.

Mica is designed with extensible "Collaborative Virtual Environments" (CVEs) in mind. In particular I intend to implement a highly-collaborative authoring environment within which users and agents can cooperate. Other subsets of CVEs include MUDs/MOOs or massively multiplayer online games.

Here are some key features of "Mica":
Long-running / persistent and extensible applications. (Mica provides transparent persistence, meaning the objects that you use in your application will be there the next time you restart Mica.)
Networked applications. (Mica is designed to concurrently execute many sessions at once)
Collaborative applications hosting multiple concurrent authors. (Mica provides the tools to make sure the objects you create in a running collaborative application can be made secure and won't be overwritten by others)
Rapidly prototyped software. (Mica's prototype inheritance allows object relationships to evolve over time in a more intuitive way than many traditional class-based object oriented languages)
Software with lots of objects with complex, evolving behaviours. (Mica's use of multiple dispatch often makes modeling the actions an object can take much simpler and more intuitive.)

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