Mimicry 0.4 review

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Mimicry is a mail post-postprocessor daemon

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 23K
Developer: Sven Riedel
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Mimicry is a mail post-postprocessor daemon. It is easy to extend since the actual processing gets done in plugins. Mail messages are received and sent with SMTP.

Current functionality includes adding disclaimers to messages and compressing attachments on the fly. Selection of attachments to be processed is based on MIME-type, filename, receipient, sender, and (to a certain extent) the position of the message part within the message.

Here are some key features of "Mimicry":
Programmed in perl
A daemon that receives and sends mails via SMTP
A program to inspect and manipulate mail parts (mime entities) within an SMTP flow
Easily extendable by outsourcing the actual processing to plugins that get loaded during startup
Coded with flexibility in mind
Filterspecification with perl regular expressions
A configuration file where you can specify lists of actions to be executed on mail parts, based on
(envelope) sender and recipient
mime type and path of mime types from top level entity to inspected entity
recommended filenames
and (to a certain extent) the position of the part within the mails mime tree
And of course: licensed under the GPL

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