mod_ssl_error 1.0.2 review

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License: The Apache License
File size: 9K
Developer: Marc Stern
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mod_ssl_error is a X.509 certificate validation error trapping (SSL).

Valid errors are:

unable to get issuer certificate
unable to get CRL
unable to decrypt certificate signature
unable to decrypt CRL signature
unable to decode issuer public key
certificate signature failure
CRL signature failure
certificate not yet valid
certificate has expired
CRL not yet valid
CRL has expired
error in certificate "not before" field
error in certificate "not after" field
error in CRL "last update" field
error in CRL "next update" field
out of memory
depth zero self signed certificate
self signed certificate in chain
unable to get issuer certificate locally
unable to verify leaf signature
certificate chain too long
certificate revoked
invalid certification authority
path length exceeded
invalid purpose
certificate not trusted
certificate rejected
subject issuer mismatch
"akid" skid mismatch
"akid" issuer serial mismatch
"keyusage" different from "certsign"
unable to get CRL issuer
unhandled critical extension
"keyusage" not for CRL signing
unhandled critical CRL extension

Apache 2.x
mod_ssl patch

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