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Moneydance is a full-featured personal financial management application that includes features such as online banking, online bill pa

License: Shareware
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Developer: Reilly Technologies, L.L.C.
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Moneydance is a full-featured personal financial management application that includes features such as online banking, online bill payment, investment management, budget tracking, scheduled transactions, check printing, detailed graphs, reports and much more. Moneydance project is has an easy-to-use interface that sets it apart from other financial software.

Here are some key features of "Moneydance":
The world's most intuitive personal finance software just got better!

Moneydance 2005, the groundbreaking new financial tool is now available for all platforms. Moneydance can be trusted to keep all of your financial information safe, organized, and at your fingertips. After just a few minutes with Moneydance's simple interface and powerful features, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Protect your privacy - and your peace of mind

With Moneydance, you will not be bombarded with advertisements, nor have your personal information shared without your explicit consent, period.

Online banking and bill payment

Pay your bills in seconds without ever picking up a pen or licking a stamp. With Moneydance you can automatically synchronize your records with transactions downloaded from your bank via OFX, QFX, or QIF files.

Manage your budget

Moneydance lets you easily create and manage multiple budgets and shows you where your accounts over or under budget. Simply specify how much you expect to earn or spend in each category for a given time interval (weekly, monthly, yearly). Moneydance can then show you a comparison of how your budget compares to your actual income and expenses for any time period.

Stay on schedule

The ability to schedule recurring or future transactions in Moneydance makes it easy to plan for bills, loan payments, and paychecks. On the starting screen Moneydance shows all of your upcoming or overdue reminders, and you can view future and past reminders for any month. Special loan payment reminders automatically calculate principal and interest payments for mortgages and other loans. You can even print a monthly calendar that includes your scheduled items.

Visualize your wealth

Another great reason to use Moneydance is that it lets you easily visualize your finances. With Moneydance's built-in graphs you can view your accounts from many angles. The Net Worth graph allows you to view the total value of all of your accounts over time. The Expenses graph provides a clear picture of where your money is going and when. Other graphs include Account Balance, Currency History, Income vs Expenses, and more. Moneydance can also remember commonly used graphs so that they are accessible with a single click from the main screen.

Get the details, quickly

Moneydance provides a variety of reports detailing information about your accounts. Built-in reports include: Budget, Missing Checks, Net Worth, Account Balances, Cash Flow, Detailed Cash Flow, Transactions, Cost Basis, and VAT/GST. You can also tell Moneydance to remember commonly used reports so that they are accessible with a single click from the main screen.

International ease

If you ever cross national borders you will appreciate Moneydance's built-in support for multiple currencies. Recording international transfers is a breeze - simply specify the amount and the currency, and Moneydance will automatically calculate the value in the context of the current account. You can download Up-to-date exchange rates from the Internet automatically with the click of a button using the exchange rate synchronizer extension.

Compatible, standards-based reliability

Moneydance uses industry standard technologies such as OFX, QIF, SSL/TLS, Java, and XML to ensure compatibility with other software and services. In addition, with our open API and Extension Developer Kit you can be sure that third parties will always be able to integrate their services with Moneydance.

Understand your portfolio

Today's investment portfolios are as complicated as ever. Moneydance can bring your investements into focus with support for tracking stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, and more. The investment account overview shows the high-level value of your investment accounts, while security details show the performance of individual stocks and mutual funds over time. Stock splits and cost basis computations are a snap, while stock and mutual fund prices can be downloaded automatically.

Only 100 transactions allowed.
Some features disabled.

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bug that prevented extensions from registering homepage components, modifies online bill payment to deal with dropped payment requests on the server, adds support for authenticated proxies, sets the "record" button as the default in the downloaded transactions window, separates the account list into "account list" and "category list", rearranges the Tools menu to be more logical and support separation of the account and category lists, gives the Splits window a running total for deposits and payments, and selects the next transaction after deleting transactions.

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