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License: Public Domain
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Developer: John Kawakami
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Multiple Time Sheets is a simple tool to help you keep track of how many hours you work and for whom.

It differs from most time-tracking software because it's designed to work like paper that magically totals up hours.

Here are some key features of "Multiple Time Sheets":
Uses text files, requiring no database.
Supports only one user per app, for simpler code.
Sends and tracks invoices, and payments thereof.
Features a rudimentary to-do list that displays your list as an outline.
Sends you a backup of your data automatically.
Assume the user prefers free-form data entry in text files rather than typing into forms.
Uses the htmlMimeMail.php class by Richard Heye (
CSV and OPML exports of some data.
Automatic hyperlinking from MTS to your favorite web-based software.

What's New in This Release:
This release added a feature that replaces text patterns with links so that strings like "Bug 10" can link to a bug tracking application.
CSV export was added for the timesheet along with OPML export for the to-do list.

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