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MyGeOs is a High Performance GNU/Linux Distribution

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 654174K
Developer: MyGeOs Team
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MyGeOs is a High Performance GNU/Linux Distribution. We provide a i686-Optimized Binary-Distro called "MyGeOs-B" and of course the Source-Distro "MyGeOs".
"MyGeOs" is compiled completely from the source code, so that the installed Linux system suites perfectly your computer.

Your processor is automatically recognised and the system will be optimised for this processor. This normally results in a performance improvement of your system.

We made the installation of MyGeOS largely automatic, if you can't wait till all sources are compiled, use "B". "MyGeOs-B" is a i686-Optimized Binary-Distro and his Mother is MyGeOs, but why MyGeOs-B? (I don't really understand).

Some Users only want test MyGeOs, but they cannot wait till MyGeOs is compiled, so there is MyGeOS-B: it will be installed in less then 1hour.

MyGeOs + MyGeOs-B are not made for Linux-Beginners! MyGeOs is made for Linux-Geeks, who want to have a small and fast Distro like LFS. If you have never compiled your own Kernel or configured X manually, you should use an easier Distro.

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