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MySpeed speed test server enables you to quickly and easily provide broadband speed test services to your end users. - Easily view

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Developer: Visualware Inc.
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MySpeed speed test server enables you to quickly and easily provide broadband speed test services to your end users.

- Easily view end-user speed test results and quality of service reports, key information for managing VoIP, web application and help desk environments
- Provide your customers with accurate bandwidth test services, including hard to find upload speed testing
- Automate customer service processes by combining MySpeed speed test results with scripting

Here are some key features of "MySpeed Server":
Upload and download speed test measurements
Connections often have different upload and download speeds, but most bandwidth tests only measure the download speed, providing only half the picture. MySpeed accurately reports both upload and download speeds.
Reports bandwidth consistency (QOS), Max Pause and Round Trip Time (RTT)
The consistency of download capacity is a critical measure for bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP and multimedia. MySpeed reports Quality of Service measurements of consistent bandwidth delivery. Max Pause, the longest pause recorded during the data download, and RTT are also reported.
Highly accurate
MySpeed has been carefully engineered and tested to accurately measure connection speeds. See the Broadband Speed Tester Benchmarks article.
Can be combined with scripting for customized implementations
MySpeed has the ability to call a JavaScript function when a speed test completes, enabling you to do most anything with the test results via JavaScript scripting, such as the options below. Try the live demo.
Dynamically changing the HTML in the MySpeed web page based upon speed test results
Provide connectivity analysis in a popup window
Redirecting to another URL based upon the results.
Easy implementation
Unlike other speed testers, MySpeed's innovative design does not require any scripts or configuration changes. Just add the MySpeed files to your existing web server!
Easy web page customization
MySpeed may be easily incorporated into your web pages, or modify the default MySpeed speed test web page to the look and feel of your website.
NEW! End-users can easily email test results
A bundled JavaScript option enables the end-user to easily send speed test results to your help desk staff or other address. Try the live demo.
VoIP Connection Analysis
Use MySpeed's bundled JavaScript option to analyze a broadband connection and determine the number of VoIP lines that can be supported. Modify the JavaScript as needed to fit your needs. Try the live demo.
Display connection quality test results in common terminology
Display connection quality (QOS), Round Trip Time (RTT) and Max Pause results in non-technical terms as Excellent, Good or Poor.
Automated start option
Seemlessly initiates a connection speed test when a visitor goes to your MySpeed page. Try the live demo.
Customizable display of speed test chart
Easily modify the applet display to change the speed test scale, show/hide text labels, change the applet colors, and more! You can even customize the MySpeed applet text to display in another language.

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