Rad Upload Lite 3.10 review

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Rad Upload is a drag and drop file upload applet with a progress monitor

License: Other/Proprietary License with Source
File size: 67K
Developer: Rad Inks
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Rad Upload is a drag and drop file upload applet with a progress monitor. Advanced features of Rad Upload Lite include recursive upload of directories and setting upload limits at the client side.

Bandwidth saving options include filtering out unwanted file types, compression, and resizing images before they are uploaded.

Both HTTP/HTTPS and FTP protocols are supported, and files can be uploaded using copy and paste, as well as with an optional traditional browse button.

Here are some key features of "Rad Upload":
Drag and Drop
Progress Bar
Applet Size
Copy and Paste
FTP upload
Upload Folders
Redirect After Upload
Image Scaling
Client Side Filtering
Display Thumbnails
GZip Compression
Javascript Calls


First make sure that your server is correctly configured to accept file uploads. With sites that use PHP you can make use of the included test.html and upload.php files to test your server configuration.

Depending on the version you have downloaded move dnd.jar, dndlite.jar or dndplus.jar onto your web space. Also move the included php files onto the same location as the jar file. Next open applet.php in your favourite text editor and change the 'url' parameter to match your server-side upload handler. That's it!

The upload.php is a sample PHP script provided to get you started on drag and drop file upload. You may need to modify upload.php to suite the needs of your website or web application.

If you prefer to use perl as your server side handler please copy upload.cgi to your /cgi-bin/ directory and change permissions to 755. Perl upload handling can be tested with test-perl.html

Each licence of Rad Upload Lite, Rad Upload and Rad Upload Plus allows you to install the applet on exactly one website.

What's New in This Release:
Two new progress monitors have been added, bringing the number available to four.
The progress monitor can now be embedded into the applet area rather than being a popup.

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