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mysqlIPM is a Web-based IP address, router, firewall, and quality of service manager

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 184K
Developer: Gary Wallis
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mysqlIPM is a Web-based IP address, router, firewall, and quality of service manager. It includes provisions for MAC hardware addresses, and tftp files for router backup.

In a nutshell mysqlISP assigns (and deploys across network of ISP servers) products to ISP clients (customers). These products consist of one or more sevices that similarly consist of one or more service parameters. End user level, Reseller level, Admin level and Root level record and operation permissions have been built in from the ground up (based on years of ism|2 experience.) Even ISP employees would have a hard time bypassing cgi security measures. The products are deployed for new/mod/del operations via an asynchronous job queue system and read by subsystem servers via mySQL tcp/ip connections (or if local much faster and secure mySQL socket.) Client side subsystem root command line operations done with crontab entries read the master mysqlISP job queue -this is very secure and much better than root permission httpd daemons...shudder. For the PRO ISP all this should be done with a second NIC card on all edge servers making up a private ISP management LAN. But mySQL GRANT command with passwd and user@hostip makes system pretty much secure, except for possible packet sniffers run on non switched hub local -unlikely unless server is hacked. VPN, ssl tunnels etc can be used also for mySQL connections between servers. commercial:
Non GPL software like's ism|4 (but at least very inexpensive -less than $100/Month- with sitewide license, install, monthly support hours, and yes it is opensource -installed on your server. Support is local to your region NA, SA, Europe etc.) can wrap mysqlISP for a non technical 100% customizable look and feel -skin template sets. ism|4 can also be used to automate billing of ISP clients (ACHDebits, credit card, email, checks, cash etc...electronically, periodically, one-time...etc.) Propietary closed source ISP software companies hate us believe me.

What's New in This Release:
VERY IMPORTANT: Some accounting queries require mySQL 4.
Added accounting invoice generation and payment processing.
Added special client usage products.
Added accounting test suite .mysql SQL files.
Changed tInstance schema (again...sorry) for accounting specs.
Minor changes in many table pages for improved application use.

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