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myqslBind manages multiple DNS/BIND (8 and 9) name servers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 91K
Developer: Gary Wallis
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myqslBind manages multiple DNS/BIND (8 and 9) name servers. mysqlBind automates updates to multiple DNS servers, centralizes and stores all zone and resource records for sets of related name servers (, and even manages different name server sets from a single browser-based interface.

Unlimited master and slave name servers update their zone information via a job queue system that uses MySQL socket connections. Advanced operations can use mySQL replication clusters for high availability and redundancy.

Large ISPs and other organizations should note that they can easily add SQL functions to customize the program for their special needs.

It supports authentication via SSL Unix password login, SSL personal certificate, or IP-based access with multiple permission levels and individual record ownership.

It is also compatible with mysqlISP.

What's New in This Release:
This release has changed to new RAD3 templates.
These are for a new clean look with a two step action confirmation tab-based interface.
Many bugs have been fixed.
Errors in tool-tip documentation, most regarding SOA TTL explanations, have been fixed.

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