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mysqlstress is small but powerfull program, though

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 66K
Developer: cappa
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mysqlstress is small but powerfull program, though. It allows administrator, with a lot of arguments, to stress an mysql server to see if performance is given.


Usage: mysqlstress [OPTIONS]
-h, --hostname Connect to host. (default: localhost)
-u, --username User to log in. (default: root)
-p, --password Password to log in. (default: none)
-d, --database Database You want to connect. (default: mysql)
-S, --socket Connet to unix socket (default: NULL)
-P, --port Port number to use for connection. (default: 3306)
-n, --number Number of SQL statements per connection (default: 5000)
-s, --statement SQL statement you want to exec during stress test. (default "SELECT * FROM user")
-t, --threads Number of threads You want (default: 5000)
-i, --info Show version of MySQL Server
-c, --close Close MySQL connections (default: no). See README!
-q, --quiet No output, just work (default: no)
-V, --version Output version information and exit.
-H, --help Output this message and exit.

all options are logical, the only one is the -c or --close.

If you really want to stress your mysql don't close mysql connections.

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first major release

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