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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 101K
Developer: Andrea Marchesini
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Secure MTA is a daemon for SMTP passwords and a starter for ssmtp or msmtp.


smta [-d [-l < numer >] [-t < timer >] [-b]] | [[-e]|[-mta < mta >]] [-sock]

-d | --daemon daemon function
-l | --listen listen number [default: 2]
-t | --timer timer [default: 0=disactivated]
-b | --background background
-e | --exit close a daemon
-s | --socket unix socket [default /home/bakunin/.smta.sock]
-m | --mta msmtp|ssmtp
-h | --help this help


smta -d -> starts as daemon, asks the password, and accepts request to unix socket.
smta -m -> connects to smta daemon, gets the password and runs the mta.


set to .muttrc the lines:

set sendmail="/usr/bin/smta -m ssmtp -au bakunin"

---- ~/bin/posta ----

# download new emails:
fetchmail -a

# Set the smtp password:
smta -d -b -t 3600

# Mutt

# Close the smta
smta -e

mutt runs smta, and smta runs ssmtp -au bakunin -ap password

What's New in This Release:
Man page updates and a bugfix for the Unix socket path.

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