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Namazu is a full-text search engine

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Namazu Project
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Namazu is a full-text search engine. Namazu uses the index maker mknmz command and the text searcher namazu command.

For quickly searching through many documents, Namazu generates an index similar to that of a book's.

mknmz command compiles the index. The target directory for indexing is given as an argument for mknmz. For example, if the target directory is /home/foo/public_html, then type

% mknmz /home/foo/public_html

Now documents such as *.html and *.txt under /home/foo/public_html are indexed and NMZ.* files are created in the directory where you run mknmz. NMZ.* files are from Namazu's index.

The namazu command searches the index. For example:

% namazu bar /home/foo/Namazu/foobar

The above searches a keyword "bar" for the index under /home/foo/Namazu/bar.

For searching a great amount of documents quickly, Namazu makes an index in advance. The concept of index is just similar to an index of book.

Namazu is being developed by Namazu Project. Namazu will work on UNIX, Win32 and OS/2 environments. For Win32, you can find Namazu for Win32: a Full-Text Search Engine page. For OS/2, OS/2 port of Namazu a full text retrieval search system is maintained by Shimizu-san. Each page provides binary package also.

Not only with cgi interface of Web, it works on command line as namazu. Other frontends are also available from other sources, such as namazu.el and Wanderlust on Emacs, Tknamazu on X Window System and Search-S on Win32.

Filters enable namazu to index various formats of files. Mail/News filter works with no additives, some other type requires third partie's filter executable although the calling capabilites included in Namazu package.

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