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tclog is a weblog application written in Tcl/Tk

License: BSD License
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Developer: T. Kobayashi
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tclog is a weblog application written in Tcl/Tk. Unlike most Weblog tools, it does not require server-side scripts. Instead, it uploads via FTP.

Here are some key features of "tclog":
Compatible with almost all webservers - Most blog tools require a CGI- or PHP-enabled webserver and some of them require a SQL database in addition. Tclog, on the other hand, requires neither CGI, PHP nor DB, since tclog itself runs on your desktop. All your webserver needs is to allow FTP access.
Wiki-like formatting rules - Tclog adopts Wiki-like formatting rules in order to generate HTML code.
Template - Tclog's template feature allows you to customize your site with your own logos, sidebars, etc.
RSS 1.0 syndication - Tclog is capable of syndicating recent headlines as RSS (RDF Site Summary) 1.0 format.
TrackBack - Supports sending and receiving TrackBack pings. In order to receive pings, you need tb-standalone or tb.cgi for tclog (to come).
Making namazu index - A namazu document filter for tclog is available.
Internationalization - All language-specific data are separated as language files. English and Japanese language files are currently available.

A computer on which Tcl/Tk runs (i.e. Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc.)
A webserver to which you can upload files via FTP

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