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NanobloggerComments is a PHP/MySQL-based comment system for Nanoblogger

License: BSD License
File size: 20K
Developer: Witold Rugowski
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NanobloggerComments is a PHP/MySQL-based comment system for Nanoblogger.


Login to mysql as user root and:

create database sessions; grant all privileges on sessions.* to 'session'@'localhost'
identified by 'PASSWORD';

Chose and remember your own password

Create database structure:
mysql -u session -p sessions < db.sql

Now modify your blog.conf

First add new variables - BLOG_ADMIN and DB_PASS, will be used by install script. (If You have also changed database name or user edit after running install script consts.php to reflect this change)

BLOG_URL_ACTION="cmt.php?article=" (remeber that $BASE_URL is added by nb -
at least 3.2.3)

In templates dir remove HTML comments (< !-- -- >) from entry.htm and permalink_entry.htm. You also have to change URL in those two templates to

< a href="${BASE_URL}${BLOG_URL_ACTION}/$permalink_file" >
< script >checkPosts("$permalink_file");< /script > < /a >

And after every directive in templates (category_archive.htm,
main_index.htm, makepage.htm, month_archive.htm, permalink.htm ) add:

< script language="JavaScript"
type="text/javascript" > < /script >

Now install whole thing :

Script will check for blog.conf in current dir and if not found will check BLOG_CONF environment variable and target (install) directory. From this file will take all needed data to generate all headers, etc.

Now update Your blog. In my environment it is done through:

nb -u all && nb -P

PHP 4.3.11
MySQL 4.1.11
Nanoblogger 3.2.3 (when upgrading from 3.1 - there are some issues in NB itself, like new templates, $permalink_entry is replaced by $permalink_file and others).

What's New in This Release:
This release allows commenting articles, not just regular blog entries.

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