Nao 0.2.1 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Mateusz Dworak
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Nao project is flexible, powerful and utterly configurable file manager for UNIX systems, written using the FOX toolkit.

Here are some key features of "Nao":
Support for two panel view and single panel view
Graphically configurable, you don't need to look at configuration file (but you can, it is written in XML)
Powerful file recognition system allows you to configure how files of different types are shown (with colors and icons), and what happens when you doubleclick them
Option for automatic configutation after first run
Internal support for most file operations (copy, move, rename, makedir etc)
Long operations are run in separated thread like for example copying/moving - you can use program during this process
Open Source software licensed under the GNU General Public License
Extensibility - two types of plugins - you can download and install them easily from configuration menu in program
Virtual File System plugins adds supports for file systems like ftp,sftp, compressed files (tar.bz2,tar.gz) - you can use them like local files
Commands plugins contain new commands with GUI
Drag and Drop support compatible with KDE and GNOME applications
Thumbnails support
Copy and paste
Very fast and comfortable moving through directories
Three icons display modes: big icons, small icons and details
You can add new commands or change existing
Option for setting hotkeys for all available operations

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