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Neko is an interpreter and programming language

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 343K
Developer: Nicolas Cannasse
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Neko is an interpreter and programming language. It has been designed to provide a common runtime for several different languages.

Learning and using Neko is very easy, but you're not supposed to directly program in Neko. Instead, you can write a generator from your preferred language to Neko and then use the Neko runtime to compile, run, and access libraries.

eko is a good way for language designers to focus on design and reuse a fast and well-designed runtime, as well as existing libraries for accessing filesystem, network, databases, xml...

Neko language syntax have been created with "easy to parse" and "easy to generate" in mind. It is not especially designed to be written by a programmer but more to be generated from a higher level language.

For example one could write easily a PHP-to-Neko or a Java-to-Neko that would generate equivalent code but using Neko syntax and semantics instead of PHP or Java ones.

In particular, there are not multiple levels of expression, as in C. Every statement is also an expression, and thus enable some constructs that are not possible in other languages (for example : return if(x) { ... } else { ... }). This make the generation to Neko from functional languages more easy.

he syntax is parsed using a left-to-right LL(1) parser. That means that after reading a token we have enough information to know which expresion it will produce. This enable very lightweight parser which is easy to improve without creating ambiguities.

What's New in This Release:
A few bugs were fixed.
Mod_Neko was changed in relation to POST data handling.
New builtin $varargs was added.

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