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Net::DNS::RR::A is a DNS A resource record

License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 128K
Developer: Michael Fuhr
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Net::DNS::RR::A is a DNS A resource record. Net::DNS is a DNS resolver implemented in Perl. It allows the
programmer to perform nearly any type of DNS query from a Perl script. For details and examples, please read the Net::DNS manual page.

To read about the latest features, see the Changes file. To find out about known bugs and to see what's planned for future versions, see the TODO file.

Net::DNS does not depend on any C libraries. However, if possible Net::DNS tries to link against a C-library that is supplied with the code. This provides a notable speed increase.

The author invites feedback on Net::DNS. If there's something you'd like to have added, please let me know. If you find a bug, please send me the information described in the BUGS section below.



print "address = ", $rr->address, "n";

Returns the RR's address field.


What's New in This Release:
The inet6 tests do not skip enough tests when ipv6 is not available. I did not catch this in my setup since IPv6 is available on all my machines.
Since this breaks automatic CPAN installs a new release is reasonable.

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