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NetMAX Desktop is a live-CD distribution of Linux upon which NetMAX Server products are based

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 696790K
Developer: Cybernet Systems Corporation
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NetMAX Desktop is a live-CD distribution of Linux upon which NetMAX Server products are based. It includes best of breed applications: Secure Linux (kernel,, Blender, GAIM, Gnome 2.8, Dia, gtkam, Azureus bittorrent client, Firefox 1.0, Thunderbird 1.0, Totem multimedia player, XINE multimedia player, Wine compatibility layer, hotplug hardware detection and OpenVPN SSL VPN.

This distribution seeks to fill the role of a fully-functional enterprise class desktop system without licensing fees. In contrast to many of the other live-CD distributions out there, it has been designed to be intuitive enough for non-computer savvy folks to use -- including integrated Windows application support.

Power users will find that this distribution puts security first, adheres to published standards, and thus behaves in the way they expect it to. Unlike previous attempts to simplify Linux for the desktop, the power and customizability that has gained the hearts of the open-source community has not been removed.

Here are some key features of "NetMAX Desktop":
Cutting Edge Features:

Complete desktop functionality (network files, presentations, spreadsheet, word processors, browser, art generation, digital camera support, etc.)
Automatic detection of disks and mountable partitions, as well as automatic mounting of USB storage devices and network (NFS) shares
Built-in NetMAX network file systems, permissions, authentication and provisioning
Windows application compatibility
NetMAX Desktop can be run without permanent installation
NetMAX Desktop can create NIST-certified disk dumps for forensic analysis
NetMAX Desktop includes a comprehensive suite of Linux-based multi-file system format disk discovery and recovery utilities

NetMAX Desktop is built for security:

NetMAX Desktop is based on Secure Linux, and meets or exceeds most government security requirements
NetMAX Desktop has integrated iptables firewall capabilities and SSL-based OpenVPN

Easy to Use and Install:

Choose to run the NetMAX Desktop direct from CD, without modifying anything on your hard drive
Or, choose to install the NetMAX Desktop to your hard drive as your default operating system

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