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SoL-desktop is an expansion pack for SoL - Server optimized Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 559072K
Developer: antitachyon - Manalo & Willner OEG
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SoL-desktop is an expansion pack for SoL - Server optimized Linux. When installing SoL-desktop on SoL you get a Linux-desktop for home and office-use!

With SoL-desktop you get a powerful Linux-Workstation with TrueType Fonts, multimedia tools, development kits and tons of other features.

SoL-desktop was released for those who also want to use SoL as desktop-system, without getting all the packages and compiling them.

The current stable version of SoL-desktop is 18.00 and was released June 10, 2004.

Here are some key features of "SoL":
KDE 3.2 Desktop environment + security patches
Gnome 2.4 Desktop environment
Mozilla 1.8a1
Video-Conference software: Gnomemeeting
Gxine, MPlayer, Beep ,... multimedia players
Drag & Drop CD-writing in Gnome 2.4!
Latest KDevelop studio
Communication software: licq,xchat,kopete,gaim,..
UML: Umbrello, DIA
Education Software
...and ~900 programms more

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