Netrok 0.95 review

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Netrok is a GPL open source SDL game for linux and Windows

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 324K
Developer: ITPSoft
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Netrok is a GPL open source SDL game for linux and Windows. It`s a platform game like Super Mario, but it is not a clone. Netrok has a new, fast and unique gameplay with some puzzle passages, where you have to think, how to proceed.

In Netrok you jump on small buttons on the ground and upgrade your player and depending of this upgrade you have to destroy the enemies different, and you have to react fast.

Also Netrok has a very complex score system and you get score for everything well done and you loose score for actions, which makes gameplay easier. E.g. you can throw a level jump`in flag and if you die, you can replay level from the position of this flag, but it costs 1000 score to place the flag, and you have only once the possibility to throw it and you have to deliberate about where to place it, if you place it to early, you have to replay much more than if you place it later in the level, which is also risky, because you could die before.

Here are some key features of "Netrok":
very portable source code
resolution 320*200
1 level is 20 screens big, with 13*20 tiles per screen
20 levels full of fun
8 different enemies
Retro Feeling
Netrok can be upgraded
new unique game design
funny gameplay instead of super graphics and effects
midi music and sound
compley score system

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