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Netsh is a tool designed to debug network applications

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 25K
Developer: Brieuc Jeunhomme
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Netsh is a tool designed to debug network applications. It enables the user to dump incoming packets in ascii or hexadecimal, and to send handmade custom packets (again, ascii and hexadecimal forms can also be used). It is also able to forward the dumped packets: it has been designed to be inserted between a client and a server application, even if it may easily be used differently.

It works using several objects called devices. Current existing devices include the system console, sockets, files, and memory buffers. Any of these devices can be hooked to another device which means it will receive anything the device receives or sends.

The package also provides simpler commands like hextelnet, an easy to use hexadecimal TCP client, tcpsrv which is its server counterpart, and udplink. This way, one can easily forward packets to any number of hosts while dumping them, and logging them in a file in same time.

As this is alpha software and as I haven't much time to work on it, there are currently many things to improve: first, this website is quite minimal :=), then netsh is not well documented, and at least, there is currently no error checking at all in the code, which means that each system call like listen(), connect(), etc must succeed.

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