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License: Free To Use But Restricted
File size: 4K
Developer: Komtanoo Pinpimai
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Network FIFO project is a network object that provides data transfering tunnel across network in first in/first out manner.

Simply put,

fifo server file is:
This script require Net::Server::NonBlocking at least 4.1(you can grab from CPAN)

% perl < address > < port >

and it'll show up like this:

[root@WongWai monotech_fifo]# perl 12000
Listen on
Listen on

12000 is the port in which the fifo resides.
20005 is the port in which backoffice management resides.


port 20005 in which the management control resides can be accessed by ""

% perl < address >

for example


it'll show something like this:


where you can type some commands and press enter

the commands are:


(flush is the command that read all socket buffer of the admin client socket)

to show all reader in the fifo, it is very useful when some reader is connection disconnected by his ISP or reader's machine hangs, the fifo will hold his connection forever (It is because the doesn't set SO_KEEPALIVE and TCP_KEEPALIVE which will be fixed in the future)


message>kill_reader[tab]< fifo name >

to kill any connection of < fifo name >

This package is heavily used by my company, so it is likely reliable.

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