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ObexTool is a graphical frontend to communicate with mobiles and other devices capable of communicating via Obex Protocol

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 232K
Developer: Gerhard Reithofer
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ObexTool is a graphical frontend to communicate with mobiles and other devices capable of communicating via Obex Protocol. Visit also the pages which are referred in the INSTALL file, you will find more usefull information there. Take also a look at the ChangeLog to see what's new in this version

The main goal was to create a OpenSource version of a software, which is able to communicate with mobiles and other communication devices using a standard communication protocol. ObexTool itself is licensed under GPL.

Siemens provides a package which has similar intentions and is called "Data Exchange Software". This software is available for Windows only. ObexTool has been developed under Linux and has been tested on RedHat8+9, SuSE 8.0+8.2+9.0, Mandrake 9.0, xS+S BLD, Debian 3.0+3.1 and Fedora Core 1+2.

This program will become better that its commercial counterparts.

The program was developed using a Siemens M50. In general the M50 is NOT ABLE to communicate via the serial interface using the Obex protocol, because Siemens has locked this area. You will find information and tools in the Web (e.g. at the great GSM site Multifund's GSM Info Page) how to "unlock" the internal memory area and make the FlexMem available to the owner of the device.

Many people say that you loose your warranty when you "patch" a phone - maybe, I don't know, I'm no lawyer.
IMHO makes the "locking" of such a feature a device almost worthless, because the owner is not able to load his self-developed software into his phone without "paying a provider".
That is dumb and is counterproductive to many developers and will prevent the creation of a lot of great software for such a device.

Another objective was the independency of a manufacturer. ObexTool (and the underlying ObexFTP) should also work with other phones. Siemens S45, S45i, S25, S35, SL45i, SL45, M50, C55, S55, C65, C65V, Ericsson R320, T68i, Sony/Ericsson T300, Ki700, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6670 have been reported to work with obexftp - see also http://triq.net/obexftp.html for further details.

What's New in This Release:
Bug in read_obextool_config repaired (thanks to Dalibor Straka)
New config parameter dir_slash for Nokia 6670 (thanks to Daniel Burr)
ObexTool directory changed to full lowercase (obextool-0.33)
Debian repository (maintained by Hendrik Sattler since 0.32)

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