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Opcion Font Viewer is a free font viewer written in Java that allows you to view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts on Win

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Opcion Font Viewer is a free font viewer written in Java that allows you to view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts on Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac.

The main focus of Opcion is to allow you to view your uninstalled fonts so that you install only the fonts you want and keep your system memory free of fonts you don't want.

As you may have experienced, installing the brand new 1000 fonts font pack you just bought on your Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac computer can lead to slow-downs when starting the computer and when loading other programs.

The slow down occurs because the Operating System and certain programs (e.g. word-processors, email clients, graphics editors) need to load all system fonts so that they can be made available to you at any time. This is where Opcion comes in.

Opcion was written to handle the viewing of large font collections, therefore only fonts that you are currently viewing are stored in memory. Although the amount of physical memory you have will effect how many fonts you can view at a time, it will no longer be a limitation to you making use of your entire font library.

Another problem with most Operating Systems' default font viewers is that while they are capable of viewing fonts, the default Windows/Linux/Unix font viewers only allows you to view fonts that are already installed and one at a time. Opcion allows you to view TrueType fonts located anywhere and allows you to view system fonts as well.

To help you pick the best font for the job, whether it be for your assignment, project logo or webpage, Opcion provides a list view of either system or other/uninstalled fonts so you may see how a font looks compared to other fonts in your collection.

When you see a font that you feel suits your current job you can simply click on it in the list view and it will be added to a favourites list that can then be saved for future reference or used to install only the fonts you want.

For viewing fonts, seeing how they would appear applied to your name/logo/tagline, and keeping track of which fonts best suit the job is the purpose of Opcion Font Viewer. Opcion allows you to view both installed and uninstalled fonts in different views depending on your needs. Written in Java, Opcion will work on all platforms that the Java Runtime Environment supports (which includes Windows, Mac, Solaris & Linux).

Opcion Font Viewer provdies a default view that allows you to view one font at a time, and a list view which allows you to view multiple fonts at a time. By clicking on fonts you like in the list view you are adding fonts to a faviourties list that Opcion keeps for you. The faviourites list can then be saved for future reference or used in finding out the file names of fonts you wish to install.

Here are some key features of "Opcion Font Viewer":
Viewing of installed/uninstalled fonts.
List view of installed/uninstalled fonts.
Adding/removing of favourite fonts.
Saving of favourite fonts.
Customizable sample/display text.
Customizable font size.
Customizable font properties (bold, italic, etc.) in sample text area.
Changeable fonts displayed per page in List View.

Execute Opcion Font Viewer

To execute Opcion Font Viewer in Windows, download the EXE version. For Linux users use the command "java -jar Opcion_v1.1.1.jar" in console/terminal/shortcut.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/java/j2re1.4.1_02/lib/i386/libfontmanager.so: libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This error occurs due to backwards compatibility issues with the Java Runtime and libstdc. To fix this problem for RedHat 9.0 install the RPM file compat-libstdc++-, which can be found on disc 1 of the downloadable distro. For other Linux distributions check rpmfind.net for libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 to see what package you need to install.

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0x4CAEE920 Function=(null)+0x4CAEE920 Library=/usr/local/lib/SunJava2-1.4.2/lib/i386/libfontmanager.so

This error appears to be a problem with Sun Microsystem's Java implementation for Linux, the real cause for this crash is still being investigated. There are no solutions to this problem yet.

Opcion crashes during execution when using Blackdown Java Virtual Machine.

Opcion Font Viewer was programmed for Sun Microsystem's JVM, and it uses Sun's Java API extensively. Thus, it is highly recommended that you use the latest Java Runtime Environment instead of other JVMs.

What's New in This Release:
Added sorting to other fonts list.

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