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Open 4GL WebServices is an opensource project to implement a wizard and a framework to make it easy to publish PROGRESS procedures as

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Edgar Medrano Perez
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Open 4GL WebServices is an opensource project to implement a wizard and a framework to make it easy to publish PROGRESS procedures as WebServices generating the WSDL and WS code, without requiring the developer to learn XML or the framework itself.

With this tool the developer can select an existing PROGRESS procedure and produce the WSDL file and/or a proxy procedure that handle the SOAP call and translate between SOAP and PROGRESS datatypes. Open 4GL WebServices also can handle the WS-I security recommendation requiring a custom procedure to authenticate the user/password.

Also, the generated proxy procedure is based on procedure templates (skeletons), these templates allow the developer to choose how to deploy the webservice. The developer can choose between webspeed, a batch version to call it from a CGI, a socket based version, or a custom template, etc.

This kind of project had been there for years, i had read some documents about howto build it, but nobody had been released the complete solution as open source by now. It's an alternative to the commercial version distributed by PROGRESS, only that this version doesn't require Sonic MQ or the AppServer to run properly.


Put the entire o4glws directory somewhere in the PROPATH and make a copy the
file o4glws.i in any directory in the PROPATH of the deployment machine, because it's needed to compile the deployed webservice adapter procedures.


o4glwsAdapter.p Webservice adapter generator
o4glwso4glws.i Library included in every adapter
o4glwso4glws.w Wizard to generate adapter/WSDL files
o4glwsprocDlg.w Dialog to select the procedures to include in the
o4glwsprocInfo.i Temp-table definitions used by all programs
o4glwsprocInfo.p Extracts the information about internal procedure,
functions and temp-tables of a procedure file
o4glwsREADME.TXT This file
o4glwsLicense.txt Software license
o4glwstransparent.ico The wizard's icon
o4glwsWizard3.gif One of the wizard's images
o4glwsSuccess.gif One of the wizard's images
o4glwsError.gif One of the wizard's images
o4glwsWSDL.p WSDL adapter generator
o4glwssample Samples of the generated code
o4glwstemplates Templates used to generate adapters

What's New in This Release:
A "Unable to use Namespace: []" message was removed.
Malformed Web service addresses were corrected.
A problem where the generated WSDL did not correctly describe the output parameters of the Adapters was fixed.
Buffer handlers for output tables are no longer needed.
Date parameters are now supported.
Speed for output tables was optimized.
Expiration date and time parameters were added to securityTemplate.p.
A fault report was added.

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