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OpenLab is a GNU/Linux distribution, created by Direq International

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OpenLab is a GNU/Linux distribution, created by Direq International. OpenLab focuses primarily on the education market, yet more generally on Community Access Solutions. OpenLab has a particular strength in powering thin-client systems.

OpenLab currently runs in hundreds of schools and community access points throughout Africa, and on countless home, business and school desktops (through free download).

OpenLab was originally based on slackware (a Linux distribution) and maintains full package level binary compatibility with its parent system. However, OpenLab is an independant development with a different design philosophy. OpenLab built on the premise that the solution 'works out of the box'. Each succesive version makes significant strides toward an ever greater user experience.

OpenLab makes the setup of a thin-client server easier than it has ever been before. Intuitive responses to simple questions (during and post-installation) allow thin-client setup and configuration. And on the thin-clients itself, Direq-designed tools make hardware conguration, multimedia, storage -device access and applications easier and more accessible than ever before.

OpenLab's primary market has been the Education sector, and thus many unique innovations and designs for the education market distinguish OpenLab from its competitors.

OpenLab's default installation consists entirely of Free/Libre and Open-Source Software (FLOSS), although non-free software is optionally available where no viable alternatives yet exist.

OpenLab is the Community Access Linux Distribution of choice, upon which solutions for Education, Thin-Client, and Connectivity are built.

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