Thin SFTP Applet 1.03 review

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Thin SFTP Applet is a full featured Secure File Transfer Program

License: Free for non-commercial use
File size: 133K
Developer: Thin File
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Thin SFTP Applet is a full featured Secure File Transfer Program. Thin SFTP Applet can be use for secure file transfer and management and can be easily integrated into your website or web application.
You can use our SFTP applet to carry out recursive folder uploads and downloads, with entire directory trees being transfered in a single click.

Interrupted transfers can be resumed. Unlike the FTP protocol, with SFTP all data and commands are encrypted for maximum security.

In spite of being a web client, it's appearence is no different from a traditional 2-Table File Transfer Program for desktops.

Because the client is an applet it does not need to refresh itself each time a file transfer or any other operation takes place. The result is that the user experience is no different from using a desktop client.

What's New in This Release:
A minor bug related to connection pooling and reuse was fixed.

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