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OpenLDev is a graphical front-end to Linux development tools such as gcc, autotools and make

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Andrew Krause
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OpenLDev is a graphical front-end to Linux development tools such as gcc, autotools and make. Most Integrated Development Environments (IDE), are cumbersome and confusing to use, but OpenLDev strives to provide an easy-to-use interface that is both productive for experts and simple for beginners.

OpenLDev is free and open source and is licensed under the General Public License. Please feel free to submit bugs and/or contribute new code.

In order to create a simple IDE, OpenLDev focuses on C and C++ development. We provide project templates for console applications to those that take advantage of the Gtk+ and Gtkmm libraries. Project and autotools management is provided through a few streamlined dialogs that help the user by removing the need to edit Makefiles. The GtkSourceView widget performs syntax highlighting, which gives users of GEdit a familiar work environment.


What's New in This Release:
Bug Fixed: View menu items now work after one cycle of hide/show
Bug Fixed: Make sure OpenLDev completely closes when it is asked to
Bug Fixed: Allow the user to browse to paths that are more than 1 level
Bug Fixed: Create new projects with the correctly entered information
Bug Fixed: Use C's ctime functions to get date so it is parsed correctly
Bug Fixed: Add kill signals to the Gtk+ template so it doesn't hang
Bug Fixed: Do not crash when searching in all files for text
Bug Fixed: Clean up the GladeXML structures after closing a dialog
Patch [Ben Romer]: Add support for DevHelp search from Help menu
Use CXXFLAGS so that the user can easily override the default flags
Use fork() and execl() when executing a compiled project executable
New Project dialog redesigned much like a GnomeDruid dialog
Show tooltips with full file names for recent files in the File menu
Allow multiple files to be opened from the GtkFileChooserDialog at once
Split Open File and Open Project menu items so filters can be applied
Add Edit menu items to indent and unindent a line by one specified width
Allow the user to import a specified directory as an OpenLDev project

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