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openQRM LiveCD is an Open Resource Manager and Data Center Management Platform on a LiveCD. openQRM keeps the data center running!

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openQRM LiveCD is an Open Resource Manager and Data Center Management Platform on a LiveCD.

openQRM keeps the data center running!

openQRM is designed to deal with all sorts of failures automatically, thus preventing interrupts because of unexpected events.

Implementing openQRM greatly improves the reliability of the x86 data-center.

openQRM is an open source systems management platform which integrates with existing components in enterprise data centers to create scalable, highly available and customizable infrastructures.

openQRM is derived from a proven commercial product and distributed as an open source project through SourceForge, using a modified Mozilla Public License.
openQRM’s architecture extends to and embraces other existing data center technologies through "plug-ins." The openQRM project team has created a number of plug-ins for broadly-used open source projects and proprietary solutions, and seeks to recruit community members to assist in additional plug-ins.

openQRM leverages the proven technologies of PXE and NFS along with storing images on central storage to effectively manage the data center.

The project team aims to set the standard in data center management by continuing to provide a "premiere" enterprise-grade project for automating IT infrastructure, and by embracing other technologies through increasing our offering of plug-ins. is the best destination for our project’s community to share ideas and innovations. Contributed by Qlusters, offers a range of support and information services to benefit all users of openQRM, including implementation advice, user forums and customer feedback.

Here are some key features of "openQRM":
Data Center Management Capabilities:

Manages thousands of servers
Tracks your data center’s usage and utilization while generating detailed reports

Automatic, Policy based Provisioning:

Assigns servers to users and applications according to defined policies
Dynamically adjusts the amount of allocated servers according to actual usage
Provides high availability for enterprise services and applications
Redeploy applications and prepare machines for maintenance with a single click

Simplify and Streamline Data Center Maintenance Tasks

Separate running applications from physical servers, thereby allowing flexible use of resources and ease of management
Advanced image management allows shared resources between similar environments

Supports Multiple Configurations:

Supports booting servers from local disk, NAS or iSCSI
Supports different partitioning technologies, such as VMWare and Xen
Full support for servers running Linux 2.4 and 2.6
Partial support for servers running Microsoft Windows

Easy to deploy:

Use simple tools to add servers and applications to the openQRM management coverage
Integrate and leverage existing infrastructure software such as VMWare, Nagios and others
Use ready made packages to support specific configurations like 3-tier web applications environment

Multiple Interfaces:

Secure Web Interface provides easy management and control
Powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) allows custom scripts
Complete "triggers" mechanism allows users to hook their own applications and scripts to events happening in the system


Advanced Plug-in architecture allows the addition of new components to any part of the system — including user interface, monitoring agents, decision engines and more
Plug-ins can be written in Java, PHP or any scripting language
Open Source Code allows advanced users to modify the system according to their needs

What's New in This Release:
Based on openQRM 2.2.4 (updated binaries, sources, and Nagios integration plugin)

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