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OsdFoo is an external plugin for XMMS

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 63K
Developer: Christian Richter
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OsdFoo is an external plugin for XMMS. OsdFoo provides several OSD functions: the title currently played, a volume bar, a balance bar, a clock, and the date.

It has been designed to Display the Current title, and a couple of other information on the screen via osd.

To make OsdFoo show the title after songchange simply put "osdfoo -t" into xmms
Songchange plugin.

To show volume- and balancechanges of xmms start osdfoo -x in any terminal or simply put it into your ~/.xsession.

If you want OsdFoo to display a Clock in the top left corner of your screen, use osdfoo -c, the same way you'd use osdfoo -x.

Configuration mode is not yet implemented.

If the supplied binary doesn't work, try "rm osdfoo && make" .


Usage: osdfoo [-t|-a|-x|-c] [--config|--help]


-t display current title
-a display ancorian date
-c display clock (permanently)
-x xmms mode (displays volume changes etc)
-v print current version number
-h, --help show this help screen
--config start configuration mode

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