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Pdbv output a HTML view of a RPM or dpkg database

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: yeupou
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Pdbv output a HTML view of a RPM or dpkg database. Its modular design allows easy addition of others package management database and export format (as xml).

The 1.x.x series are in Bash, the 2.x.x series are in Perl. Obviously, the output generation with 1.x.x is a lot slower than with the 2.x.x. While with the 1.x.x it should run on a daily basis, with the 2.x.x it should run on a hourly basis.

Here are some key features of "Package DataBase View":
it does not require lucid/gtk+/qt or other big libs.
it does not require a web server - but it can be used with a web server, as any
other html files.
it does not require a X server running, you can use a text mode browser that support
frames as links.
it does not require special privileges to access to the output. But access can
be restricted by using chmod/chown (filesystem) or .htaccess (apache).
since output is generated by a cronjob, access to the output is as fast as your
computer is able to read/serve text files.

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