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paranoy is a simple, lightweight, open-source, fast but overall safe mail client

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2368K
Developer: lesion
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paranoy is a simple, lightweight, open-source, fast but overall safe mail client. all its features are privacy and safety-oriented. it has a ncurses interface and a graphical one based on gtk.
it saves mail and configuration files totally encrypted with strong cryptography standard. it supports pop3, imap(TODO) and smtp connections over ssl, mail filtering and threading , attachments , multibox, OpenPGP standard , anonymous remailers and nymservers.
it's hightly configurable, easy to use and install, it's written in C and it compiles on Linux, all *bsd systems and win32.

paranoy is a mail client like others, but is very safe, including many technics for encryption. The why, you can find it in 'Why this' section. Now, let's take a briefly look on what this stuff do. paranoy downloads mail from a pop3 server with apop authentication, even with ssl, filters it with highly customizable filters, then saves the mail in encrypted way to folders. Configuration files also are encrypted. paranoy can download mail from more accounts, tells you how many new and old messages you got, send messages with gpg support, so et's sign and encrypt your mail. paranoy has a simple ncurses interface and a cool graphical one using gtk (under development) , and features a nice address book with public keys.

openssl (>=0.9.7)
gpgme (0.3.15)

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