PBS::Debug 0.35 review

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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 338K
Developer: Khemir Nadim ibn Hamouda
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PBS::Debug is a Perl module with debugger support for PBS.


use PBS::Debug ;

, DEPEND => 1
, PRE => 1
PrintDebug "Hi there.n" ;
) ;

ActivateBreakpoints('hi') ;

This module defines subs that manipulate PBS breakpoints (explained in PBS reference manual).

sub PrintBanner: display a friendly message when run under the perl debugger sub EnableDebugger sub p_h: display a help within the perl debugger sub p_b_wizard: not implemented sub p_list sub p_tree pretty print a tree sub p_dependencies pretty print the dependencies of a node sub p_node pretty prints a node

sub AddBreakpoint add a PBS breakpoint sub RemoveBreakpoints remove one or more PBS breakpoint according to the name regex passed as argument sub ListBreakpoints list all the breakpoints defined within PBS sub ActivateBreakpoints activates one or more PBS breakpoints sub DeactivateBreakpoints does the opposite of the above sub

ActivatePerlDebugger activates wether a breakpoint (or breapoints) jumps to the perl debbugger sub DeactivatePerlDebugger does the opposite of the above


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