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Peng2illa is a free agility based Pong clone inside a circle

License: Freeware
File size: 5559K
Developer: Nukular Design
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Peng2illa is a free agility based Pong clone inside a circle. It's fast, it's tricky!! Are you ready for a totally new challange?

There are different ways to defeat your enemies:

- Charge up the ball to damage other players with lightning-bolts
- Bounce on them and STOMP them
- Put mines into their way and let them burn
- Blind them to clear your way
- Teleport in and out of dangerous situations

Peng2illa is being developed, hosted and proudly presented by nukular! It's the newest project of our independent developement studio located in Zug, Switzerland. Special Thanks to all our contributors and to everyone who plays this game!

The first thing you have to do in Peng2illa is find an opponent. If you can't find any players online, you can hone your skills against our bots. They might not be bright, but they are better than nothing :).

Every player has 10 HP at the beginning of a new round. The game ends when only 1 team is left. Till then you must try to damage the other lorries. You can do this in three ways. Buy and lay mines, jump and bounce on an enemy three times in a row or charge the ball and devastate your oponnents with lightning-bolts.

Lightning-bolts are the deadliest weapons in your arsenal, and you should concentrate on them! Every time the ball leaves the inner circle, it discharges and does the players damage (proportional to charge strength).

Basic Controls:

- Use the mouse x-axis to move your lorry
- Left Mouse - Use the brake
- Middle Mouse - Buy and use powerups
- Right Mouse - Jump

Game Controls:

insert Start new game (if you're the admin)
paragraph (backtick, paragraph or however you refer to the key above tab) - Show message history
tab show player names (while pressed)
shift+tab toggle display player names
all keys write chat messages
enter send your chat messages during game
pageup/pagedown change mouse sensivity (15 recommended)
+ (numpad) Switch to next song in playlist or disable music (after last song)

Some important tips:

- Use the mouse, forget the keyboard
- Watch the tutorial and the replays
- Port 3214 is used by the network protocol

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