Pengupop 2.1.9 review

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Pengupop is an online multiplayer clone of Frozen-Bubble/Bust a Move

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1149K
Developer: Morten Hustveit
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Pengupop is an online multiplayer clone of Frozen-Bubble/Bust a Move. Pengupop's purpose of the game is to shoot colored balls so they form groups and thus fall down. Any balls that fall down will reappear on your opponent's playfield as a side-effect.

The purpose of this game is to shoot colored balls into your playfield, so they form groups of three or more. You win if you manage to remove all balls. You lose if any ball attaches below the white line.

You can make the job harder for your opponent by making balls fall down as a side-effect of you forming a group. For example, on the screenshot shown on this page, the player on the right playfield can fire a black ball onto the three black balls in the middle of his field, and cause the seven balls below to reapper on his opponent's playfield.

No installation is required for this game. Just download the executable and run it. Tip: Use the F key to toggle fullscreen mode.

What's New in This Release:
Hostile balls now appear at a maximum rate of 10 per second, and not before they have fallen out of your opponent's screen.
Connection issues when playing against other people on the same NATed network have been fixed.

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