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Photo Organizer is multi-user photo management tool that was designed for professional photographers. It offers a searchable photo

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Balint Kis
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Photo Organizer is multi-user photo management tool that was designed for professional photographers.

It offers a searchable photo database that supports photo version control, client management, photo submission history, EXIF, IPTC, XML, and XMP, user quotas, a datebook, and printing labels and color brochures in PDF and PS formats.

Photo Organizer project uses PostgreSQL, features a Web interface, and uses DCRAW and ImageMagick to handle over a hundred image formats including several RAW formats.

Here are some key features of "Photo Organizer":
Photo management: Naturally the main feature of the software is photo management. The system will allow you to store and retrieve photos in three sizes (original, midsize and thumbnail) For each photo detailed information is stored such as: Title, Caption, Keywords, Shooting location, Exposure Date, Equipment used, Equipment settings, Storage location and more. The system supports, photo version control, duplicates, and submission history, so tracking where the photo was submitted has been never easier. Photos can be ranked so that they can be displayed in the order of their relevance. Photos can be organized into folders and albums - kind of virtual folders.
Image files are stored in an image repository with automatic volume manager which makes Photo Organizer more secure (as access to the image files is permitted only via PO) and to ease the upload porcedure, a bulk upload mechanism was added with XML, XMP, IPTC and EXIF metadata import. Shooting data converters from NKN, TXT and SDF into XML provides compatibility with your exisiting database.
Thanks to Dave Coffin's RAW image decoder Photo Organizer supports most RAW digital camera formats, enabling users to store original RAW files in the system's database.
Client Management, Shop Module and Date book: The system has Client Management interface with onlineclient registration. Photos can be shared with Clients and non registered visitors. Access rights on Folder, Album or Photo level provides control over the visibility of each photo. Clients will be able to access protected photos, not visible for non registered visitors.
Printing: Printing is one of the key features of Photo Organizer. You can create color brochures, including your photos in PDF and PS formats. Additionally you can print labelscontaining the shooting data and the bar coded photo identifier, which enables mass processing, easy data input and quick search of your photos. All this online from your browser.
Search: A simple but powerful search engine is built into Photo Organizer. Supports basic logic operators (AND, OR and NOT) and allows the query of photos, folders & albums or users. It also implements stemming, to include related variations of your keywords.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds a few minor features (better bulk update support for keywords, thumbnails on next/prev, ExifTool support for RAW images, fancy database connections), many internal changes, and many bugfixes.
These include closing off two classes of security holes (inadequate user permission checks and SQL injection vulnerabilities).
All users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

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