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Zoph software is a web based digital image presentation and management system

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jason Geiger
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Zoph software is a web based digital image presentation and management system. In other words, a photo album. It is built with PHP, MySQL and Perl.

After I bought a digital camera I wanted some way to easily organize a growing number of photos. At the moment I use Zoph to keep track of and share a few thousand of my photos, all cross-referenced.

If you just want to generate a gallery of thumbnails from a bunch of images, you may want to try one of the other numerous photo album projects. But if you want to also store additional information about your photos, search them, or control access to them, take a look at Zoph.

Here are some key features of "Zoph":
Photos can have lots of meta data. Each photo record can store:
EXIF info (date, time, width, height, size, camera make, camera model,
flash used, focal length, exposure, aperture, etc)
people in the photo
Each photo can appear in zero or more albums.
Each photo can appear in zero or more categories.
Albums and categories are both hierarchical.
Searches can be performed using all this data:
"Show me all photos taken by 'Joe Smith' between 2001-01-01 and 2001-12-31 at 'Joe and Nancy's House' in which 'Nancy Smith' appears and whose rating is greater than 5".
Access privileges:
each user has an account and is granted permissions on albums
each user can specify various preferences
an automatically logged in guest user can be defined
"Email this photo" feature.
Some basic reporting: most photographed people, places, etc.
Photos, albums, categories, people, places and users can be easily administered using the web interface.
Import photos from the web or by using a Perl script.
Export photos to create static galleries with album or BINS.
Internationalized (multiple language support).
Fairly detailed documentation, including a manual/tutorial.
Extensible OO code (more or less).

MySQL 3.23
Perl 5
Perl DBI, DBD::mysql, Image::Size

What's New in This Release:
Removed mailaddress of original Dutch translator on his request
Fixed: Rating links on reports page not working in translated Zoph version.
Updated Danish language file
Fixed: issues with LIKE searches (Bug#1541763)
Improved error handling in imports
Fixed an issue with imports not working on Windows systems (Bug#1527333)
Fixed: slideshow not working on search results (Bug#1562419)

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